Yesterday we introduced you to Erich from Norfolk, Virginia.  He is a 6’ 6” tall Southern gentleman from Virginia with quite an amazing package.  As promised, more pictures of his hard cock and big balls encased in metal—the brushed finish Omega cock ring (2" diameter) and 16 ounce split ring ball weight from gear essentials.


It looks like Erich's Dick is Proportionate!  Standing Tall & Proud!


One thing that amazed us is that Erich was able to purchase a 16 ounce, 1" bandwidth ball weight as a newbie!  As you can see by the pictures below, he can handle it!  In the picture above you can see that his balls appear smaller--and his split ring ball weight looks snug.  This is a result of his hardened cock.  As our erection grows and blood fills the dick (and the penis ring is minimizing blood flow back out resulting in an even bigger erection) the skin that allows our cocks to grow comes from the ball sack. 

I've had a few customers comment that wearing a large ball weight can result in painful erections.  As a result, they have to make a choice--do they want a ball weight for hot sex (in which case, they will need a smaller size) or for ball stretching (in which case they will want as much weight as they can handle)?  Oh, the choices!


Erich "At Rest" so His 16 Oz. Ball Weight Looks a Bit Looser.  But still Massive


Erich made a great choice when he opted to pair an Omega C ring with his new ball weight.  The Omega is gear essentials' heaviest cock ring at 11 ounces. (Erich is wearing nearly two pounds on his meaty package!)  It is a super-comfortable design however due to its perfectly rounded donut-like shape.  This means there are no sharp edges to hit his ball weight (the Imperial is another excellent choice for pairing with a ball weight) or pinch the balls.  The ultra smooth finish on this cock ring means that it doesn't pinch or chafe like some cheaper rings.  Wearing this ring may take your breath away.


Imagine Your Reaction if this Massive Man Missile was Headed Your Way (& Erich's not even Hard)?


Both men and women report that they love the feeling of the ball weight during intercourse.  The split ring weight swings with 'the motion of the ocean' resulting in another point of contact with the taint.  Touch is good.  And touch during sex is even more intense.  Women also comment that the Omega feels great as it bumps (and grinds!) the clit during sex.  It's all good, isn't it?

Erich wrote us after receiving his first gear essentials delivery:  “Your package arrived today and is now on my package ;) And oh my f*cking god!! Forever changed lol”

We love hearing that!  We are proud of our products, proud to bring more pleasure and enjoyment to our customers and hopefully are de-mystifying some toys and accessories that will bring more joy and pleasure into your life.

Check out the Omega cock ring and ball weights.  It will change YOUR life!  Remember, life is short—ENJOY it!




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