The reveal of Erich continues!  As promised, here is Part III of gear essentials' series on Erich’s Package.


Erich is Thick & Full in His 2" Brushed Omega Cock Ring and 16 Oz. (1" Bandwidth) Ball Weight


Erich was pretty excited when he placed his first order.  So excited in fact that he made a couple of errors.  He e-mailed us right away to let us know what needed to be changed.  After receiving his order (with corrections), he wrote, "I love (and more so appreciate) your patience, kindness and understanding ;)

“If it means anything I have spread the word about your products like wildfire since finding out about Gear Essentials.”


Thicker & Fuller in His Omega C Ring and Split Ring Ball Weight


Erich continues, “Not only has G.E. raised the bar, you have permanently set the gold standard for which all others will be judged.”

Thank you, Erich; we are flattered by your compliments!  We are not sure we have set a gold standard but we sure try.  We just hope you love your gear from gear essentials.


Erich's Self Pic; Note He is Proudly Pointing Out His New Penis Ring and Ball Weight


We have to add that we love what we do and we meet the most amazing people every day!  Thanks for making our lives awesome!  And remember—ENJOY!










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