It had to happen eventually.  We have reached the end of this series of pictures of Erich’s HUGE package!  (Although Erich indicated he may send more self-pictures in his latest gear essentials’ gear—we can only hope.)
Erich's Massive Dick in His New 2" Brushed Omega Cock Ring & 16 Oz. Ball Weight
Erich's ability to wear a 16 ounce, 1-inch bandwidth split ball weight his first time out is as impressive as his cock is!  He saw our 9/28/12 blog on double-rings and made the decision that gear essentials' gear was for him.  Don't you love how the hard steel of the penis ring keeps his dick thicker and fuller?  This really helps you go the extra mile.
"Reach Out & Touch!"  Erich's Heavy Meat Rests Over His Stainless Steel Ball Weight--Feeling the TUG!
Both men and women love the feeling of a ball weight bouncing against their taints during intercourse.  This provides yet more stimulation--and all hands free.  In addition, the tug on the balls feels erotic.  Sensitivity is heightened and orgasms are more intense.  Pair it with a hot and heavy cock ring and you have double-ringed double trouble!
Erich's Self-Pic:  Double-ring Pleasure!
You can find a double-ring look and feel that works for you.  Go heavy like Erich (the Omega cock ring is over 11 ounces) or with a lighter C ring.  You can opt for the fun-size 8 ounce, 1/2" bandwidth ball weight (I love this size for every day wear) or up the ante (and the sexual tension) with a heavier ring.  gear essentials offers a lot of choices and combinations.
Life is good.  And it can get better with a double-ring!  So double your pleasure and ENJOY!
Thanks, Erich!



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