The brief for TOPS!

Roomy Pouch / Sexy Back

The CellBlock 13 line is one of the sexiest lines of underwear we have seen in a long time.  Everyone in our office has their favorites, but we agree that this is an incredibly hot look--and it looks great on all sorts of body styles!

When we first started looking at expanding gear essentials' offerings, we thought we would 'road test' it at International Mr. Leather (IML) in Chicago last May.  It was a hit.  Of course, it probably helped that one of our hot assistants was wearing it.  Frankly, his ass got a lot of looks and a few touches!  The guys went crazy over this line. 

One thing I found interesting was that a lot of Tops did NOT want their ass hanging out.  (It's all about sending the right message!)  So we made a mental note right then and there that we had to find the right brief for our Tops:  plenty of pouch room for the junk and man-accessories as well as a discretely covered bum (cuz ain't no one going after that!)  We believe we found it with the Mechanic Brief by CellBlock 13.

The Mechanic Brief by CellBlock 13 in White Mesh


gear essentials is offering three colors:  White, Yellow with black and Blue with black. 

This sexy mesh brief looks just like the Prizefighter Jock from the front right down to the full pouch (plenty of room for your package & man-accessories)—but from behind you will see it offers full coverage (just in case you are a bit shy). 


The Mechanic Brief Rear View...Just a Hint of Forbidden Butt Crack!


The Mechanic sits perfectly on the hips with a comfortable front pouch and great rear cover.  Made in the USA of high quality stretch mesh (88% polyester & 12% spandex) for that Timoteo supreme comfort and body-hugging fit!  (Caution:  between the mesh & the body-hugging fabric, you may give your neighbor in the locker room an eyeful.)  Due to the mesh construction it is also slightly sheer (which is why the shot of the white brief is taken from a bit further back--this made me chuckle when we got this from the good folks at Timoteo!)


Timoteo's CellBlock 13 Mechanic Brief in Yellow

NOTE:  The Pronounced Package (It Pays to Advertise!)

This underwear quickly became a favorite of ours—we suspect you will agree! We want you to experience the comfort and sexiness of the Mechanic Brief so we are offering a special gearblog bonus of $4 off!  Just enter Promotional Code TOPBRIEF as you check-out and get this hot underwear for only $19.95!  ENJOY!




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