Last week we blogged about a man who is so positive, filled with energy and just a plain good guy that we felt instant kinship.  (While we realize this could describe many of our customers, in this instance we are talking about Erich.)  We were excited to see that Erich had placed another order with gear essentials.  I e-mailed him when I saw that he had ordered an 8 ounce split ring ball weight.  (You may remember he was double-ringed in our series of blogs last week and wearing a 16 ounce ball weight and brushed Omega cock ring.)  He responded that he loved wearing both but was alternating them at work because he is so active and it was too much—and therefore he was not double-ringing.  He was buying the 8 ounce split ring so he could double-ring with his wondrously heavy Omega penis ring.  So I had to go and do it—I asked if he was going to stack.


"Yes, stack your ball weights so you can custom fit the look/feel you want." 

Erich is amazingly open to suggestion!  He received his order yesterday and I received an e-mail early this morning.  Attached was this picture:


Erich's First Foray into Stacking--Wearing 24 Ounces of Ball Weights & Ready for MORE!

Can You Believe He put His First Ball Weight on Just Two Weeks Ago?


Erich wrote:  “Got a wonderful box From u today!

“For the record sir, u are such the bad influence ;) … I have 2.5lbs of the finest crafted stainless "man" steel encased around my quivering bulging cock!! I haven't produced precum like this since my late teens..”

“It's been less than 2 weeks since I've started my adventures into stretching. I can't believe my progress. I have my 8 stacked on my 16oz right now… fully erect with no pain whatsoever. And that’s with my Omega on as well.”

Erich has found an intense new pleasure in life!  There is something about that weight that adds a new level of intensity to the experience of sex and orgasm.  When double-ringing, the Omega cock ring keeps the dick pumped up and uber-sensitive and the ball weights tug at the scrotum for even more pleasure.  Read what Erich wrote:  “I haven’t produced precum like this since my late teens…”

It could happen to you!

(And I just noticed another e-mail from Erich with another attachment.  Stay tuned!)





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