Yesterday we shared the latest picture from Erich.  This beautiful man has caught on to the concept of ‘stacking’.

Stacking is when you wear multiple ball weights.  For example, I cannot wear a 32 ounce ball weight; however, I CAN wear a 24 ounce AND an 8 ounce.  Sound confusing? The reason for this is that I cannot get my balls to fit into the one 2” bandwidth ball weight.  However, I can put on a 24 ounce and then add the slim 8 ounce on top of that.  Same result/different method.

Erich is having fun with stacking his 16 ounce and 8 ounce ball weights.

Well last night he sent two more pictures!  Here they are:

Erich's Pic of His New 8 Ounce Ball Weight on Top of His 16 Ounce Split Ring Ball Weight


Erich is also wearing a 2” brushed Omega penis ring.  He initially was excited by the concept of double-ringing (wearing a cock ring and a ball weight at the same time).  We are going to have to coin a new expression for someone double-ringing AND stacking!


Erich Wearing His Total Plunge Aluminum C Ring and Stacking His 8 & 16 Ounce Ball Weights from gear essentials


You can see in the picture above that despite all the metal on his hardening dick, Erich does not have a problem wearing a pound-and-a-half of solid stainless steel on his ball sack!  In fact, he wrote:  "…I have 2.5lbs of the finest crafted stainless "man" steel encased around my quivering bulging cock!! I haven't produced precum like this since my late teens...”

“It's been less than 2 weeks since I've started my adventures into stretching. I can't believe my progress. I have my 8 stacked on my 16oz right now… fully erect with no pain whatsoever. And that’s with my Omega on as well.”

We provide pleasure wherever we can!  Isn't it time that you enjoyed the erotic thrill of stacking?  ENJOY!



What Erich is wearing today:

Total Plunge aluminum cock ring - this features the interior comfort fit rim; combined with the light-weight aluminum this ring is super-comfortable for all day/play all night wear.  This is .9 inches in bandwidth.

Omega Cock Ring - Erich chose the brushed finish but it is also available in a glossy mirror finish.  Constructed of solid stainless steel, this ring is gear essentials' heaviest ring weighing in at 11.02 ounces.  Because of its perfectly rounded shape, it is also comfortable--but in a snuggie sort of way.

Ball Weights - 8 Ounce / 1/2" Bandwidth.  All of gear essentials' ball weights come in two diameters (1.25" and 1.5") and are made in the USA.  They are made of solid stainless steel and provide the pleasure of a gentle tug to your balls.  This is a great weight for the first-timer.  It is easiest to put on and if you are high and tight; it might be your only option until you stretch a bit. Many men report that their orgasms are more intense as a result of wearing a ball weight.  Their sexual partners are happier too!  The ball weight swings with the motion of fucking and becomes another point of erogenous contact.

- 16 Ounce / 1" Bandwidth.  Weighing in at one pound, this ball weight provides a more intense tug and stretching experience.  This is also available in 1.25" and 1.5" diameters.



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