We have some favorite things—and two of them are pictured here:  The Full Screw cock ring and CellBlock 13 Grappler Jock from gear essentials.  This combination is almost too hot to take!

This Bear is Wearing a Full Screw C Ring Beneath His Super-sexy Mesh Grappler Jock


The CellBlock 13 line has all the right moves.  (And the Grappler Jock is no exception.)  The stretch mesh hugs your curves and bulges and yet allows air flow and breathability.  The mesh also provides a teaser window to all the beautiful equipment you are packing!  In addition, it features a full pouch to comfortably hold your equipment--and your equipment's equipment!  So don't worry about binding or pinching--CellBlock 13 gives you plenty of room to stretch and grow!

The Full Screw penis ring is pure aluminum--so lightweight you may forget you even have it on--until you need it!  It has a .9 inch bandwidth and comfort interior rim.  You may forget you have it on but trust us; the folks checking out your package will appreciate it!  Just like you'll appreciate it when your dick is called to attention!  Blood will flow in but won't have an easy time exiting.  Your cock will harden and become fuller and more sensitive to touch.  There's nothing like a cock ring to help you go the extra mile!

Need a one-two punch?  Try some of our favorite things:  The Grappler Jock and a Full Screw cock ring.  You'll never know what hit you!





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