International Mr. Leather (IML) in Chicago seems like it was long, long ago.  An annual leather/fetish event, this is a great time every Memorial Day weekend when a huge group of folks gather.  It is a total blast!  We love it because so many of our fans and friends stop by.  Of course, it is a great opportunity to have a personal fitting and try things on as well.

It has been a while since we have posted a picture from IML so we thought it was about time we did!


The Plunge C Ring at IML:  .6 Inches of Pure Aluminum = a Lightweight & Comfortable Cock Ring


The Plunge penis ring is a favorite from our new ROBO line.  Like all the ROBO styles, it is made of light-weight aluminum with an extreme interior comfort fit rim.  This means it is so light and comfy that you just might forget you have it on--until you are called to action (and then you will be glad you wore it!) 

When we were road-testing these new designs I found the .6 inch rings (The Plunge, Surge and Half Screw) to be really comfortable when wearing tight underwear.  Two of these styles have big brothers--the Total Plunge and Full Screw.  These two cock ring designs are .9 inches wide--almost a full inch.

If you love the feel of a heavy snug cock ring cradling your shaft, these are not the c rings for you.  However, if you are new to cock rings or just want something a bit lighter for every day hard wear, these might be what you are looking for!

Designed and crafted in the USA.  Take the plunge and ENJOY!



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