We received a great e-mail signed "a loyal customer" on Monday. 

He writes:  "When I went to SF for Folsom I found a shop that carried Gear Essentials.  Had to buy the Quarter Screw.  This one is light and delicious to wear under jeans.  Love the heavy rings but for daily wear this one is a keeper!  I know I am wearing it but the darned thing is so good under pants at work.  Thought I would share that with you."

Of course we asked for a picture (are we shallow or what?!)


The Surge Aluminum C Ring--Does Everything You want a Cock Ring to Do...at Half the Weight!


He sent us a picture wearing the Surge--and the impressive impact it has on his engorged dick!  The Surge penis ring is aluminum just like the Quarter Screw.  However, it is .6 inches in bandwidth versus Quarter Screw's .3 inches.  Either way, they are super-comfy to wear.  They may be light, but as you can see they do everything you want a cock ring to do--pump up your package and keep the blood in so you are thicker, harder and more sensitive.

Check it out--you'll find it is delicious to wear and your cock will feel the surge too!  ENJOY!

(And thanks for sending those pics!)




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