On occasion, gear essentials donates to support worthy charities.  One such charity is Heartland Men's Chorus in Kansas City.  They just had their 'Dinner of Note' fundraiser a few weeks ago.

Their development director senT the following e-mail:


Heartland Men's Chorus Auction:  Torque Cock Ring & Working Stiff T-shirt

(We kind of hope they got the pearls to go with the ring!)


"Our Dinner of Note was incredible. We had a nice turnout, just shy of 400, and the silent / live auctions were great!   

"But let me tell you about the two donations you gave us. Each cockring/shirt combo (or as we called it in the auction catalog, “personal jewelry”) had a value of $56. They both went for the Buy It Now price of $84… 150% over value! Just like last year, the items went for as much as possible!

"And as the subject line states, take a look at the attached photo. I thought the serendipitous placement of the two different, yet somehow related in a very funny way, items was absolutely delightful.

"Thank you gents, I appreciate your support of Heartland Men’s Chorus."



Want to know more about the Heartland Men's Chorus?  This amazing group is well worth hearing if you are in the Kansas City area.  We were blown away by the "When I Knew" concert with Dan Savage.  For more info click:  http://hmckc.org/





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