One of our best-selling cock rings is the Imperial.

Crown Your Head with an Imperial by gear essentials


The Imperial is a heavier penis ring weighing in at 6.05 ounces.  Made of solid stainless steel right here in the USA it features an elegant brushed or mirrored finish.  If you were to cut it in half you would see that it is shaped in a smooth oval--perfect for between muscular thighs.

Check out the picture above:  don't you love how a cock ring 'chubs up' his dick?  It makes you want to reach out and touch (just like his buddy).  Imagine cupping his big balls as you draw nearer to the thick shaft of his cock.  One had slides up his torso to tweak a nipple as you watch his dick stretch and harden.  Blood pours into his lengthening rod as you both grow more excited.  The Imperial keeps the blood from escaping so he stays long and hard. Is that a drop of pre-cum glistening from his piss-slit?  You crouch down to inspect.  One thing leads to another when you are wearing a cock ring...

Get crowned!  Check out the Imperial C ring by gear essentials--and ENJOY!



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