The Half Screw:  Not Half-Hearted!


We have come to realize that metal cock rings are not for the faint of heart!  While I have been wearing them for years, many guys are afraid that they will get stuck in one, their dick will turn blue and fall off.

And let's face it:  most guys agree that life without a dick would suck.

If you want the benefits of a cock ring (and there are many) but are afraid of a heavy stainless steel C ring, try aluminum.


The Half Screw Penis Ring by gear essentials; Great In or Out of Leathers...


At International Mr. Leather (IML) we found that a lot of guys who were intimidated by the heavy metals discovered that they really like the new Robo Aluminum line by gear essentials. They are light enough for comfortable all day/play-all-night wear yet hard enough to keep you hard, pumped and ready for action! Need to get some pounding done and get off?  This will help you do it...all night long!

The Half Screw cockring (pictured above) is lightweight and yet does everything you need a cock ring to do.  And this style comes in several bandwidths:  .3 inches (Quarter Screw--which also comes in a 1 5/8 diameter), .6 inches (the Half Screw) and the Full Screw at nearly an inch (.9 inches).  I found that these are really comfortable under tight underwear too.

If you think cock rings are too heavy, think again. You will love these so much you will never want to take them off. (However, please take them off while sleeping--or those sexy-hot wet dreams can become painful--and NOT in a good way.)

Check it out--and ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here. ENJOY!

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(Photo Richard Yates.)



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