Yesterday we posted the question about larger cock rings.  Today we have a similar question (opposite end of the spectrum) that we can answer positively!   "Do you make custom orders for your cock rings? I wear a 1 5/8" ring which is extremely hard to find and have trouble with the 1 3/4" slipping off all the time. My partner has had several of your rings and I love the great looks and comfort he seems to have in them. I am often jealous that I can't share in that."

We now offer two cock rings in the 1 5/8" size:  The Quarter Screw and The Omega (limited time only).  These rings offer opposite ends of the spectrum--the Quarter Screw is super-light due to its solid aluminum construction (our lightest) and the Omega is gear essentials' heaviest at slightly over 11 ounces (312 grams). The Quarter Screw has a .3" bandwidth; the Omega is .6".


The Quarter Screw C Ring--in Super-comfortable Lightweight Aluminum


One good turn deserves another. At .3 inches this cock ring is perfect when you need something extra on your side–and in your pants. Gear essentials’ lightest ring, the Quarter Screw, is supremely comfortable due to the ROBO Cock comfort fit interior. Made of quality aluminum in the USA. Enjoy a gentle reminder that you have a reason to be cocky.


The Omega Penis Ring--in Brushed Finish

The owner's favorite for body heat & made for the Alpha male, the Omega Series is the final word in cock rings. Massive (gear essentials’ heaviest), yet surprisingly comfortable elements come together in the Omega Series (due to the elegant finish on a perfectly smooth donut-shaped piece of art). These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings are works of art. These rings are designed for the man who craves the ultimate experience. And will get it.

These C rings represent two very different looks/feels--yet they both do the job a cock ring is supposed to do:  keep blood flow in so you are bigger, harder, stronger, last longer and are more sensitive; pump up your package; make your dick look GREAT and most importantly--make YOU feel great!  Try one or try both, regardless, you will ENJOY!



Its Design time:  We are working on fresh new designs for 2013, do you have any ideas or requests?  If we were to expand our offerings in the 1 5/8" diameter, which rings would you prefer?  Thanks for your feedback--you never steer us wrong!



Photos by Richard Yates:



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