All week we have been blogging PG-13 Halloween Costumes on our gear essentials' Facebook page.  We thought we should share a few of the pics that are NOT PG-13 for those of you scrambling to pull together some last-minute costumes!

Good luck!

It's so much Easier to Flash the Goods When You are Robed...Suggested C Ring:  The Master

(Nipple Clamps Would be a Hot Surprise too)


You Can Never be too Formal (But Can we Suggest Adding a Strut to That Ensemble?)


This is an Authentic Gladiator Costume Right?  But it Needs a Titan .6!


Everyone LOVES Aladdin--and His Transparent Harem Pants Complete with Grip Cock Ring!


And We're not Sure What This is--But we Like Fringe.  Suggested Cock Ring:  Full Screw

(And a Fleshlight for Later--He Might Need it...)


Pop back for more last-minute costume ideas tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!




(All photos re-posted from Tumblr)









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