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The Plunge Cock Ring Lurks Behind a Towel at SLAMMER Sex Club


Here is a behind-the-scenes pic from a recent photo session for SLAMMER Sex Club in Los Angeles.  It was shot for a full-page ad campaign in Frontiers Magazine.  Because Frontiers does not allow pics of dick, these are not going to be used.  We just couldn't have that!

The Plunge C Ring is one of our new line of ROBO Aluminum rings.  They are light-weight and feel great due to the new and improved comfort fit interior rim.  When we road-tested these rings, we found that this size (.6 inch bandwidth) was comfortable to wear even under tight underwear or commando in tight jeans.  It never hurts to show your big package (in other words, it pays to advertise!)

If you are new to wearing a cock ring, the ROBO line is a great place to start.  They do everything you want a cock ring to do:

  • Keep your dick hard so you are ready for action (blood flow is restricted from leaving your penis).
  • Increase the sensitivity of your prick (you feel more, and you feel it more intensely!)
  • Increased blood = increased size for greater pleasure for your partner
  • Grower--not a shower?  A cock ring will help you show off with the rest of the big boys.  Let your assets be known!


Measure for correct fit and remember that even though they are perfect for all-day/play-all-night wear, please do not sleep in your metal penis ring.

Whether you are going to work, the gym or SLAMMER, show your package to its best advantage--and ENJOY the results!



Photo courtesy of Boots Bryant



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