Yesterday we posted our first Not-Safe-For-Work last-minute Halloween Costume ideas. Part 2 is dedicated to costumes featuring masks.  As promised, here is part two!  If you are still searching for the perfect costume, it just might be time to commit!

When in Doubt, Slap on a Mask (No One Will Know It's YOU!)  Suggested Cock Ring:  The Surge


Minimalist and classic:  go with a simple black mask.  I'm sure no one will know who it is--and just think of all the mischief you can make!


Native American.  Suggested Cock Ring:  Tribal Engraved (we know, so obvious!)


Who cares if it is politically incorrect?  Years of playing cowboys and Indians as a youth left its mark.  Grab a vest and some feathers and you are good to go!  (This costume could use a mask though...)


Even if You Aren't Too Big for your Codpiece, this Costume Fakes it!  Recommended Penis Ring:  Quarter Screw


Wondering what to do with your pierced nipples?  Play connect the dots with a bit of chain.  Dangly bits are even better!  Use the same chains to connect your cod piece.  So you look like a QVC Show--they get thousands of callers, shouldn't you?!


Batman is HOT!  Who Needs that Silly Cape to Get in the Way?!  Suggested Cock Ring:  The Imperial


Fight crime, right injustice and watch as your adoring public falls on their knees!


We Admit it:  We LOVE our Super-Heroes!  Suggested Cock Ring:  The Torque


Leapin' Lizards!  (We mean 'Arachnids'!)  There are a lot of options open to you, last-minute Halloween Costume shopper!  We hope our suggestions have served you well in stirring the creative juices of your.....mind.

Leap back for more last-minute costume ideas tomorrow!


(All photos re-posted from Tumblr)





Eric: Thanks for your comment. It is a pretty amazing looking codpiece, isn’t it? I am sure you would win best costume with this one!



Hot Codpiece. The package hold in place also by the cock ring. Beautiful appearance. Want a similar equipment.

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