As promised, gear essentials presents Part 3 of our Not-Safe-For-Work last-minute Halloween Costume ideas.  You are running out of time!

Today's theme:  Robes and things that flow...Read on!


Death, Anyone?  An Extra Benefit?  You Have Two Rods!  Suggested Cock Ring:  Omega Winged Engraved

Be careful though, as the festivities continue, you may find your popularity waning!  (Great if you are a flashing introvert!)


Chances Are, If You Are Last-Minute, You Already Look Like This!  Suggested C Ring:  Barbed Engraved

We suspect you won't be required to do penance in this get-up.  Easily found at any local costume shop.  Straw is extra.


Just Wind & Knot.  Just Beware of Sailors!  Recommended Ring:  Total Plunge

Too bad macramé is out of style.  We think tying knots is great therapy!  Untying knots is even BETTER therapy!  Just wrap and tie off in a discrete manner.  It's your choice who unties you, right?


You Can't Go Wrong with a Toga!  Perfect Penis Ring:  Leather V-Style Divider

This one leaves your fans craning their necks hoping for a sneak (or NOT so sneak) peek!  Indulge them!  Halloween only comes once a year after all.  (We believe this photo originally came from the studios at Colt.)


Twin Togas:  As Close as the Nearest Bed!  Suggested Penis Rings:  Full & Half Screw

Caution:  Togas (bed sheets) plus booze can equal excessive affection.  And in a toga, you would be amazed at what can pop up!

We just might have one more last-minute post for you!  Check back!




(All photos re-posted from Tumblr)



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