At gear essentials we crave your feedback.  It's a great day when we hear from you!  But imagine our shock when we opened the following e-mail:

"Hello Jay... I must say I find it hard to put into words the disappointment I felt when I first picked up my gear from the post office.... But I will try.

"Firstly I feel disappointed that I didn't find you guys many, many years ago.

"Secondly, I am disappointed I only got two cock rings and two ball weights from you on my first order. I really wish I could have had the insight to buy more.

"Thirdly, my disappointment falls to new lows, as I wish I had more than one penis and set of balls to adorn with your kingly bits of kit. They are utterly superb!

"Fourthly, my bank account is never going to forgive me if I place another order anytime soon, so I must just sit here and dream about turning my junk into a mini iron man replica. Ahhhhhh the disappointment is overwhelming. So yeah, thanks a lot for ruining my year GEAR ESSENTIALS!"

Torque C Ring and 1" Bandwidth (16 oz.) Split Ring Ball Stretcher (Photo Taken at IML 2012)


You only have one dick.  Rock it with gear essentials!  And ENJOY!





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