Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas...(Part 4)


We hate to tell you this, but if you are just reading this now, you are too late for Halloween 2012 (perhaps a jump-start on next year?)  gear essentials presents just a few more Not-Safe-For-Work costume ideas for the High Holiday of Halloween!  Our theme:  All that Glitters!


We Love Arabian Nights!  Suggested Cock Ring:  Tribal Engraved


The shirt (blouse?!) is held together by chains leaving plenty of space for exploration.  And no pants--we can't find anything to fault in this costume!


Our Homage to Liberace (or QVC--you decide!)  Suggested P Ring:  Plunge


All that glitters...  This costume idea is for the guy who is confident and the life of the party!  Best viewed under disco lights.  Throbbing disco lights...


You Can Never Have too Many Feathers, Can You?  Suggested Penis Ring: The Grinder


Voted 'Best Costume for a Parade', you are sure to create one if you wear this out.  We love the aerodynamic boots.  Anyone this top-heavy probably needs the help.  Don't forget to oil up!


Angel or Butterfly?  It Looks Like These Will Help You Fly!  Best Cock Ring:  Bolt


We're Not Quite Sure What This Costume Is--but Gauze and Dangling Coins are Good:  Suggested Ring:  Mega Nitrile


Feeling a bit more discrete?  Gauzy is a great fabric for giving hints--but not giving it away.  We say, "Make 'em work for it!"  An elastic waistband is great just in case you change your mind!

That’s it for our Halloween posts for this year!  Hope it is a great holiday for you—Happy Halloween!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


(All photos re-posted from Tumblr)



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