If you have followed this blog at all it will come as no surprise that we love our ball weights.  I wore my 8 ounce (.5" bandwidth) split ring ball weight all day today and it felt GREAT!  In fact, I double-ringed (ball weight AND cock ring).  I was feeling minimalist this morning so I wore a tidy little Titan .2 underneath my full-pouched CellBlock 13 jock.  It was the perfect combination and felt great.

An IML Customer Models His Torque Cock Ring and 1" (16 Ounce) Ball Weight


I'll admit I feel thicker and fuller double-ringed--I just like the feeling of packing it in!  The C ring keeps the blood in my dick and I love the tug and stretch of the ball weight/ ball stretcher.  I'm not looking to have super-low hangers (I'm already pretty blessed in that department anyway--unless it is cold!)  But if you are looking to stretch out your balls for that bull-like look, ball weights are really effective ball stretchers.  When I took off my ball weight tonight, I was struck by how warm it was--the stainless steel of the weight (as well as penis ring) takes on the temperature of your body.  As the days here in the upper Midwest continue to get colder it's a comfy feeling.

Try the double-ring on for size--and enjoy the schwing!  ENJOY!






Chad—for some guys a leather ball stretcher is a great way to start stretching. But nothing compares to the feeling of solid stainless steel around your nads! It’s great that you are comfortable wearing one pound all day. How is the dumb bell working out? Let us know how you are progressing—and send pictures! (To jay@gearessentials.com and we’ll post them on the blog.) Thanks!



Am also into cockrings n ball stretchers been using a leather 2" wide for a while now and it really helps my balls to be more loose but now i have gotten a 16oz metal weight and thats the best feelings on my balls every , I wear it almost daily even to work when I can get into my pants with it bulging out too much and last wk I add a 10 lbs bumb bell to it of a few min , my goal is to get my ball stretch as low as possible by the end of this yr.

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