As reported in "SF Weekly's The Snitch", the nudists have taken to the streets to protest Scott Weiner's proposed ban on public nudity.

Protesting Scott Weiner's Proposed Ban on Public Nudity (Photo from the "SF Weekly")


Some background:  According to the SF Weekly's article "Supervisor Scott Wiener Says Drawing Attention to Your Cock in Public Is Obnoxious" from September 14, 2012:  "nudists in the Castro were starting to feel singled out because of their cock rings. They accused police of conducting 'cock ring patrols' threatening to arrest nudists who were caught wearing the sex paraphernalia in public."

Wiener represents San Francisco's District 8 and believes that people aren't just uncomfortable with public nudity, they are "absolutely repulsed by it."  (Scott Weiner happens to be gay.)

He also noted that the purpose of a cock ring is to: "1. Maintain an erection, or 2. draw attention to the cock -- both of which are 'obnoxious' and 'irresponsible,' as long as you are in public."  (Hear, hear!  We LOVE it when a government official sells our products for us!)

As you would expect, the nudists disagree.  According to the article they argue "that cock rings are no different than any other ornament you put on your body:  a headband or earrings perhaps."


Takin' It To the Streets to Protest Weiner's Proposed Ban on Nudity (Photo from the "SF Weekly")


We support everyone's right to be naked--in fact the more naked the better!  And naked with ornamentation is even better!


 Enjoying a Little Public Nudity!  (Photo Re-Posted From Tumblr)


So maintain your erection and draw attention to your cock!  And as an added bonus, keep a hard, stiffer erection for even better sex!  (But that should probably NOT be done in public!)  Check out gear essentials' collection for the perfect cock ring for your hard dick!  To show our support, gear essentials’ will give you 15% OFF when you use Promotional code SFPD2.  ENJOY!


A Parting Shot!  (Re-Posted from Tumblr)






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