As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we love it when we spot gear essentials' cock rings out and about!  Here is another of Slammer Sex Clubs' new ads featuring the Plunge and the Torque cock rings!

The Men of Slammer Sex Clubs Wearing the Plunge and Torque Cock Rings 

These boys are popping woodies (and keeping 'em harder and longer) with their cock rings:  A Plunge aluminum C ring and the popular stainless steel penis ring.

The Torque is made of solid stainless steel right here in the USA.  Stainless is one of the safest materials to wear next to your tender naughty bits.  It is also a pure material so it won't tarnish, pit or peel.  The design is elegant and it will firmly hold your erection while making your dick fuller, harder and more sensitive.  It's all good!

For more info on the Plunge, check out yesterday's blog.

Who knows what action you will find when you are sporting your gear essentials' cock ring?  ENJOY!



Photo by Boots Bryant



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