For the past two days we have been posting some ads that were created for Slammer Sex Clubs.  We are excited that the models are sporting gear essentials' man gear!


The Slammer Men Pump Their Packages with gear essentials' Gear


The Torque cock ring has been a favorite ever since it was introduced last year.  Solid, sexy and distinctive, this cock ring is made of solid stainless steel in the US.  It weighs in at an easy-going 4.25 ounces and has a band width of .6 inches.  You will know it is there hugging and caressing your family jewels!  And when called to action, this metal C ring keeps the blood flow in your raging dick so you are harder, firmer, thicker and stronger!  (And did we mention you are more sensitive too--it's all good!)

Do yourself (and your partner) a favor, try the Torque.  After all, the Torque cock ring is what the best dressed tool is wearing! ENJOY!




Photo by Boots Bryant



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