One of our goals at gear essentials has been to put together a couple of videos showing how to put on cock rings, how to wear a ball weight, etc.  We think this would help answer a lot of the questions that folks have.  Our first video is almost ready (and will be ready as soon as I--Jay--get my act together!)  In the meantime, Boots Bryant has shared some stills from the video.  This one features Serge--a very well-endowed man.  Check out the first of these teasers!


Serge's Massive Dick Dwarfs the Total Plunge Cock Ring by gear essentials


The Total Plunge is nearly an inch wide; however, Sebastian's big dick makes it look like the .6 inch Plunge.  The .9 inch Total Plunge penis ring will keep you big and hard for the long haul. This revved up daddy of the ROBO cock ring series will draw envious looks. Constructed of quality aluminum, this cock ring features the interior comfort fit for easy all-day/play-all-night wear.

Now get ready to take the Total Plunge–again and again!



Photo by Boots Bryant @



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