For the last two days, we have been sharing pictures of Serge, the model in our first video.  We have to admit, Serge has a huge dick.  Once again his prick dwarfs one of gear essentials' widest cock rings:  the Full Screw. 


Serge Strokes it in His Full Screw C Ring:  Harder, Bigger, Stronger...


We realize that sometimes you need a good screw.  The Full Screw is one of the penis rings in the new ROBO series.  The Full Screw cock ring is nearly an inch wide (.9 inches or 20 mm to be exact). Made in the USA of light-weight aluminum (it weighs slightly over two ounces), this is great for comfortable wear all-day/play-all-night.  It is designed with our new interior comfort fit so if you are looking for something a bit lighter—but with all the benefits of a firm cock ring, this is your best bet.  You will want to add this new twist to your tool kit!

Do you know what is even cooler?  This cock ring is on sale for 20% OFF until 11/30/12!  Just enter Promotional code FULL11 at check out!

Looking for a narrower bandwidth?  The Screw-style rings are also available in a .3 inch size (the Quarter Screw) or .6 inch (the Half Screw).  Find the right size for YOUR tool!  And ENJOY!



Photo by Boots Bryant ( )



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