Bud's Collection: A Nudist & His Metal (Part 1)


We love customer compliments (okay, we love ANY compliments!).  This week we received the following e-mail from Bud:

"I wear one of your rings almost 24/7. I love the weight.....The Master and Omega together are about 18 oz. Sometimes you can hear a soft metallic clicking! Not long ago I was at the local nude beach and a lady sort of pointed at my stuff and said "What is that?". I looked down and said "It's my penis". She said "No, no, the silver thing." Now she knows! And knows where to go for top quality!! Thanks!"

Bud is a stacker and wears up to three of his rings at a time.  It's great that he is comfortable enough with his body and his choice of man-accessories to proudly display them at the local nude beach.  There is nothing like the feeling of the breeze gently kissing your body--from heads to toe.  It is the ultimate freedom!


Bud's Collection of C Rings from gear essentials:  (from Left to Right) the Omega, Full Screw & Master


His collection includes two rings in heavier stainless steel and one in super-lightweight aluminum.  All are solid materials so they do not pit, chip or erode (meaning that they are extremely safe for wear next to your precious family jewels!)  The Omega and Master are two of gear essentials' heavier penis rings and many report that they provide a solid fit that is comforting for daily wear.  We just received an e-mail from another long-term customer who needs to super-size his ring and he is very sad that we don't have larger sizes.  He has been wearing an Omega or Fury daily for many years and feels naked without one.

For many, a cock ring brings comfort in that it lifts the ball sack up and away from the body (keeping you cooler--and having to adjust balls less often!)  It also makes sex even better!  Blood flow exiting the dick is restricted to your cock is fuller, bigger, harder and more sensitive!  A cock ring keep you raring to go.


Bud in His Master Cock Ring from gear essentials in Mirrored Finish


The Master cock ring was one of gear essentials' first designs.  In fact its name, Master, says it all: big, bold, assertive, and definitely up to the challenge. This solid stainless steel cock ring features a squarer design (with rounded edges for optimum comfort). It is gear essentials' third heaviest ring (weighing in at 8.05 ounces, 228.21 grams). Made in Minnesota by handsome stock, a cock ring from the Master Series is sure to be an indispensable tool in your erotic arsenal.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Bud--including a triple-stacked cock ring shot!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cockring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/master


(Photos submitted by customer.)   


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I purchased the Omega brushed cockring, and everything about it is perfect, I love the weight the most, The shipping container is neat, guaranteed not to get scratched. The best purchase I ever made, looking forward to your glans rings

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