A Nudist & His Metal (Part 2)


Yesterday we showed you Bud’s cock ring collection and a shot of him wearing his Master penis ring. Today, as promised, we are revealing Bud in his mirrored Omega and Full Screw C rings. Tomorrow we will ‘top’ it all off with a picture of him in all three!


Bud is Looking Good (& Thick) in His Mirrored Omega Cock Ring from gear essentials


The Omega is a favorite cock ring.  We probably have gotten more response to this ring than any other over the years. It is also one of our heaviest weighing in at 11 ounces (312 grams). This gives it a forceful comfort around the base of your dick. Sexual partners, both women and men, comment that they like the sensation of the weight of this cock ring during intercourse because of the added stimulation. For women it provides an amazing clitoral stimulus. The smoothly rounded donut shape means there is no pinching or uncomfortable edges thus providing comfortable all-day wear (but remember, do not sleep in a metal cock ring or you may have some painful wet dreams!)

The bandwidth of this ring is .6 inches (15 mm) but because of the rounded shape it feels like less. These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings are works of art. These rings are designed for the man who craves the ultimate experience. And will get it.


gear essentials' Widest Width:  .9"; The Full Screw's Shine Looks Great with Bud's Tan


On the opposite end of the weight spectrum is the new ROBO Series--solid light-weight aluminum (it weighs slightly over two ounces or 23 mm) that is super-comfortable for all-day/play-all-night wear. We premiered these at the 2012 International Mr. Leather (IML) last May and they were a huge hit--particularly among men who were first time cock ring wearers or were not comfortable with heavier rings. It also is designed with our new interior comfort fit for added pleasure. It may be a lightweight but it does everything you want a cock ring to do--keep that blood flow in your hardening prick so you are bigger, firmer, more sensitive and ready to screw for hours!

Bud is wearing the new wide Full Screw Cockring--it really makes your package perk up and out! These are made in the USA.

Remember, sometimes all you need is a good screw.   

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



(Photos by customer.)




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