Bud, the Stacking Nudist (Part 3)


For the past two days we have been showing you pictures of Bud’s cock ring collection.  Today is our finale:  Bud wearing his stacked gear essentials' penis rings—not double, but TRIPLE!


Bud Shows What 18 Ounces of Metal Looks Like!

From Top to Bottom:  Master, Full Screw and Omega



Bud wears them all when visiting his local nude beach.  He wrote:

"I wear one of your rings almost 24/7. I love the weight.....The Master and Omega together are about 18 oz. Sometimes you can hear a soft metallic clicking! Not long ago I was at the local nude beach and a lady sort of pointed at my stuff and said "What is that?". I looked down and said "It's my penis". She said "No, no, the silver thing." Now she knows! And knows where to go for top quality!! Thanks!"

(We think this is probably another reason to wear sunglasses when at the beach—can you imagine the reflection on a sunny day?!)  I have double-stacked, but have never tried triple-stacking with metal.  (You can bet I will though!)  I guess if one is good; three is much better?!


Bud's Complete Collection: (from Left to Right):  Mirrored Omega, Full Screw and Mirrored Master


Bud has chosen mirrored finishes.  The Omega and Master C rings are also available in an elegant brushed finish.  Both are high-quality pure stainless steel that provides both positive hygiene as well as optimum weight.  The Full Screw cock ring is aluminum--so it is lightweight and super-comfortable.  All three do what we want a cock ring to do most:  perk up your dick, max your size and increase your stamina.  It's all good!

Stack them any way you like them--and ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



(Photos by customer.)





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