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My first ball weight experience took place at International Mr. Leather 2011--exactly one year before the picture below was taken. I had always considered them a bit extreme--certainly nothing I would be interested in. 

Then I put one on. The experience was incredible. Much like the guy in the picture, my dick popped right up. I loved the sensation of my balls being tugged--not just initially but every time I took a step. It was awesome! 

Fast forward to last May (International Mr. Leather 2012) and I was wearing a 24 ounce ball weight. (Nothing like increasing your weight one-and-a-half times over the course of a year. Next year 32 ounces?!)


An IML Customer Shows the Effect His New 8 Ounce Split Ring Ball Weight has on His Cock!


The 8 ounce ball weight is a great first-time weight.  It is lighter so you don't fatigue quickly and it is much easier to put on for first-timers.  Many men make the mistake of trying to go with a heavy weight and then are sad to realize that their ball sack just doesn't fit in.  With time your ball sack stretches so you can put a larger ball weight on.


Stimulation OR Stretching?

You need to decide if you want the stimulation of the ball weight or if you want to stretch your balls.  If you want to be able to wear it all day and enjoy that gentle tug, go lighter.  I can wear my 8 ounce ball weight all day and still feel great when it is over.  I wore my 24 ounce at IML and after nine hours could not wait to take it off.  (Frankly, there was intense pleasure in the relief as well!  That was an added bonus!)  If you want to stretch, get the heaviest weight you can wear.  This will assist in stretching out the skin of your ball sack (this is why they are often called 'ball stretchers').  You can also stack ball weights--so never feel that you will waste a smaller weight when you graduate to a larger size.  This allows you to customize your 'stack'.


Putting on a Ball Weight

Many guys have mentioned that they are intimidated by the concept of putting on a ball weight.  It is really pretty simple. (And if you come to IML next year, we are more than happy to assist you with this.  Seriously!)

The easiest way to prepare to put your ball stretcher on is by partially loosening it so the two halves will swing open.  (One side of the ball weight is held in place by the screw; the other half has a notch to keep it from slipping.)

The first time you put on your ball weight, it is easiest if your balls are as low as possible.  Keep in mind that the goal of the testicles is to store healthy sperm to guarantee procreation.  It is an ingenious system.  If your body is too hot, your balls drop.  When the temperature gets too cold they snuggle up tight.  Therefore, it is best if you increase your temperature.  The simplest way to accomplish this is by taking a hot shower. 

(Please have patience with yourself.  The first time putting ball weights on is always the toughest. It really does get much easier with time.)

After your shower, lie down on a bed or sofa (propped up so you can see what you are doing). If you are right-handed, grab your balls with your left thumb and pointer finger and pull away from your body. Leave the split ring ball weight slightly screwed together so it provides a 'hinge' point. (The bottom half is laying ready to receive your balls. The top half is rotated 180-degrees away so the rings are wide open.) This is one less thing to deal with when you are ready to screw it together. Have the Allen screw head on your right side facing up so you can easily screw it in later. Lay your ball sack (which you are still stretching) over the bottom half of the weight and then rotate the top half back over so that the two halves line up. Gently push the two sides together so they line up. If you have a large ball sack be careful (and gentle). Tighten the screw enough so the two halves don't come apart. When you have done this, make sure the skin of your ball sack is out from between the two halves. You will probably have to do one side, hold it tightly and then repeat it on the other side. Then screw it firmly together. (If you are left-handed, reverse this.)

Your ball weight is now firmly attached.  To start you may want to wear the weight for only an hour or so.  Depending on your comfort level, gradually increase the amount of time you wear it each day.  Many men enjoy the feeling of the tug on their balls all day.  Others just wear it when they are enjoying sex.  (An added benefit is that your partner will enjoy it during intercourse as the ball weights swings with each thrust and provides another sensual contact.)  Either way--Enjoy!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo by Jay Williams.) 



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