We recently got a question from a long-time customer:  "I have had the pleasure of wearing GEAR FURY AND OMEGA rings for several years now almost on a daily basis. I feel naked with out them but I need your help! I have outgrown them both! I feel naked now and have empty feeling."  He asked if we could make a super-sized cock ring.

Sadly, larger or smaller penis ring sizes are completely custom and come with a custom price tag.  It was considerably more than he was comfortable paying.

He responded, "Although sad and disappointed, I will encourage others to purchase your quality products. I should know, as I have worn them for an extended period of time. The fun has been priceless."

Here are a couple of pictures of him in his 2 1/8 Fury C ring:

2 1/8" Fury (and a Curved Barbell PA)


A Side Shot of the gear essentials' 2 1/8" Fury Cock Ring


The Fury is a bold look in cock rings. It is gear essentials' widest solid stainless steel ring coming in at a broad .9 inches and has the profile of a double ring. The Fury is our second heaviest cock ring weighing in at 10.1 ounces (286.33 grams). It is extremely sexy and comfortable to wear. It pumps up your package and your dick for furious action!
Add some Fury to your life today!  And ENJOY!


Written by Jay — November 26, 2012



Commenting anonymously, but I’m a customer and I just have to same DAMN! to that PA. I have a 4ga frenum that I am stretching to 0ga eventually. I want to add to it with a PA and that gives me something to aim for.

Oh and I have the fury and the imperial and sometimes can get them both on :-D

November 26 2012 at 07:11 PM


We hear ya, Kamino! He is a lot of MAN—and we wish we could still fit him (he is even bigger now). Love the PA too. I have one and cannot imagine life without it. It is one more awesome thing to ENJOY!

November 27 2012 at 04:11 PM


this guy is amazing he sent me that ring that he wore, he wore it for so long – and fuck me I love ,love the weight I know is there when I go out in public , the size I never know I was so big until then = and this is my first cock ring – cant wait to get different ones and I thinking on getting a pa done as well so heavy cock and pa – fucking a guys ass – will be amazing

August 13 2013 at 04:08 PM

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