Have you ever wondered how you can get hot, juicy man-nips?  You've seen them--the guy in the leather vest or at the beach with nipples that just seem to stand at attention and beg to be worshipped?  Or underneath a tight shirt at the gym--the guy with the high beams that makes your boner tent your work-out shorts?  Erect nipples are one of the signals that we are sexually excited and interested--so when you see a guy with the high beams on, you automatically take notice and move closer on a subconscious level.

In addition, nipple play often makes your tough titties more sensitive as well.  The reaction to tit play is as unique and different as we are; however, some guys report that their ass starts to twitch; others comment that their dicks harden.  It's almost as if there is an electrical cord running from those sensitive nipples (aka 'love buttons!') to all your naughty erogenous zones!  It's an amazing sensation that is meant to be enjoyed.

The Nip Suckers are Placed Directly on Your Nips:  Just Lick, Squeeze and Apply


The picture above shows the Nipple Suckers in use.  They are easy to use--whether alone or with a partner's helping hand.  Just wet the end of the Sucker (I just use my tongue), squeeze the air out of the Sucker and then apply it to your nipple.  It will immediately puff up your nips. 


Nip Suckers are Easy to Wear--Just Pop Them ON and ENJOY!


The Nipple Suckers are really very easy to wear.  The first few times you wear them you should limit the length of time you have them on though--you don't want to cause any damage.  As you get used to them you can extend your time.  I like to alternate the Nipple Suckers with Tit Clamps for a totally sensory-overload-HOT time!  (We have plenty of tit clamp options at gear essentials.)  We are talking HAPPY NIPS!


The AFTER -- Curious About What Nipple Suckers Will Do for You?  (Nice Headlights, eh?!)


The Nipple Suckers come two to a package.  (Cool math, eh?  That's one per nipple.)  Got a friend?  Buy two sets! 

The Nipple Suckers from M2M (Cute, Aren't They?!)


So if you want to make your nipples more sensitive try these 100% skin-safe silicone suckers. They will make your nipples perk up and beg for more! Just place them over your (or your partner’s) nipples during foreplay and watch as they grow firm, engorged and super-sensitive. Arousal is sure to follow as the sensitivity of your nipples skyrockets! Flick them gently (or roughly) for even more sexy sensation.

These nipple suckers have incredible suction and are easy to remove. They will stay in place so you can use your hands for better things! Dab on a bit of lip balm, lube or spit (no, we are not kidding!) for an even more secure seal.

Expand your sexual repertoire and get your high beams turned ON! Reach even greater heights of pleasure by alternating with nipple clamps.

Easy to clean in warm soapy water or use Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner to keep them showroom shiny! (Waterproof for use in the water as well.)

And always remember--ENJOY!





(Pictures re-posted from Tumblr.)









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