The Titan is a clean classic cock ring that works with anything.  Pure and simple, this penis ring looks great with anything.  This strong, silent type is wearing a Titan--and check out what it does for his hard rod!


This Leather Daddy in His Titan C Ring


As you can see from the picture above, cock rings are great for keeping the blood flow in your hardening dick.  Blood flows in but doesn't leave quite so easily.  This leaves your prick harder, stronger, fuller and more sensitive.  The fun you will have!

Clean lines and simplicity of style define the Titan Series of penis rings. Whether in the lustrous Mirror finish or the tactile Brushed finish, the elegant Titan Series cock rings embrace the most intimate expression of your desire. Each is carefully crafted of solid stainless steel in the USA and is available in three bandwidths: .2 inch, .4 inch and .6 inch. The .2 inch is gear essentials’ narrowest stainless cock ring. Want more? These rings are great for cock ring stacking! (Photos of stacked cock rings are also available the gear essentials' blog.)

Reward your strong silent self--and revel in the strong not-so-silent hard-on that results!  ENJOY!

(Picture re-posted from Tumblr.)



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