We have always thought of the Imperial cock ring as being meant for the base of your cock.  However, while scoping out Tumblr we have discovered some other uses. (And no—not napkin rings!  Would you believe a friend of ours used cock rings as napkin rings for a dinner party?  No one noticed until dessert!)

A Serious Ball-Stretcher! 

He has Stacked 3 Imperials Between Nitrile Rings


Using Imperial C rings as ball weights makes sense--each weighs slightly over six ounces.  It is also easy to add smaller increments of weights (gear essentials' smallest ball weight is 8 ounces and 1/2" bandwidth).  What I do need help with; however, is how do you get them all on?  Anyone?


Classic Over-achiever? 

FIVE Imperials Plus Two Other Stainless Rings--This is Over FOUR Inches of Metal!

Have you noticed how he has also wrapped three Nitrile cock rings around the base of his shaft?  This keeps his dick fuller and harder.  I cannot imagine getting banged with that much metal but I'm betting it would be a fun ride!

Whether worn around your shaft or balls, the Imperial penis ring will give you great pleasure.  Check it today and ENJOY!

(Pictures re-posted from Tumblr.)



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