gear essentials started with stainless steel cock rings—and that is still our primary business.  However, we have realized that variety truly is a spice of life that gives great satisfaction!  This is one of the reasons we developed the medical-grade plastic Grip cock ring last Spring. 

Wearing A Nitrile Ring


Plastic has a bit of give that feels nice.  Many people use this as an inexpensive first foray into the joys of cock rings.  We have to warn you though—it is like a gateway drug!  Try it and you’ll be hooked on all the benefits of a cock ring! 


The Grip Cock Ring--with Interior Comfort Rim for Long-wearing Enjoyment!


Cock rings, whether stainless steel, aluminum, leather or a plastic keep the blood restricted in your hardening dick.  This means that you will be thicker, harder, firmer and more sensitive—these are all GREAT things!  (Now if you have an extremely hard erection for so long that you turn purple or your dick starts feeling cold, you’ve had it on too long!  Many sites recommend only wearing a cock ring for thirty minutes.  I wear mine all day and I just received an e-mail from a customer who wears his to bed as well.  We do NOT recommend wearing a cock ring to sleep as we often get long-lasting erections and erotic dreams.) 

Cock rings also give you a great looking package.  Go ahead, impress them with what you’ve got!

And always--ENJOY!




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