We talk a lot about resolutions when we reach the end of a year.  I like to take some time to consider where I have been and where I would like to be over the next 365 days.  I look at all areas of my life:  health, family, professional goals, relationships and travel.  Perhaps you have been checking out our website and thinking that you might like to explore your body—or someone else’s.  What makes you feel good? What do you like? It’s a great time to identify what you fear and then make a conscious decision to confront and move past it.

What Will You Explore in 2013?


For me, one of the things I wanted to explore was ball weights.  I had seen them and was intrigued but I never thought I was the guy to actually wear one (let alone fall in love with it).  But the first time I put one on I got the biggest erection.  The tug felts so awesome during sex or while jacking off.  


A Hard Jacking in a Surge C Ring & CellBlock 13's Prizefighter Jock Brief

For some of you, it might be experimenting with cock rings.  I’ve worn cock rings for years—I think they were fetishized for me early on due to some hot porn I saw as a teenager.  I made my own or found odds and ends at the hardware store.  They worked for a bit but then I found the high quality stainless steel gear essentials’ C rings and totally fell in love.  The weight was great, they didn’t pit and erode--and they felt awesome on my dick.


Feeling the Electrifying Power of the Surge


The Surge Cockring--In Highly Finished Aluminum: 

Lightweight & with the Comfort Fit Interior Rim for Easy All-Day/Play-All-Night Wear


Life is short—take the time to enjoy all that life has to offer.  Explore your body and discover what feels good.  Whether it is a ball weight or a cock ring—it’s all about improving your life.  ENJOY!


(Photo by Boots Bryant.  See more at:  http://bootsbryant.com/)



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