MASTER of His Universe...


One of gear essentials' original C rings is the Master cockring!  This solid stainless steel ring is a squared off ring of sexy metal that encloses and firms up your hardening dick.


The Master C Ring from gear essentials


The name Master says it all: big, bold, assertive, and definitely up to the challenge. This solid stainless steel penis ring features a squarer design (with rounded edges for optimum comfort). It is gear essentials' third heaviest ring weighing it at 8.05 ounces (228.21 grams). Available in brushed or mirrored finish. Made in Minnesota by handsome stock, a cock ring from the Master Series is sure to be an indispensable tool in your erotic arsenal.

Be the Master of YOUR universe!  ENJOY amazing sex!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cockring:


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