The Master is a classic amongst cock rings.  When gear essentials first started manufacturing cock rings, this was amongst the first designs.  It’s slightly squared edges work well strapped in a leather harness or worn solo.  As pictured below, it is an elegant and distinctive piece of man-jewelry.


Prize at the End of the Treasure Trail:  The Master C Ring


Nothing gets the blood flowing quite so much as unzipping his jeans and discovering the magical glint of stainless steel exposed.  You know that that metal band wrapped around the root of his prick promises amazing things:  a harder, thicker dick; more sensitivity (that will drive him wild) and the ability to go the long haul.

This is a cockring that will bring years of pleasure.  Weighing in at 8.05 ounces (228.21 grams) this ring will hug your penis and keep the blood in--where it can do its best work!  You will enjoy the fine quality and craftsmanship as well. 

Get the best life has to offer--and ENJOY!



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A very big prize! Love this pic!!!! :P

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