Diary of a Ball Stretcher


Our dinner conversations can get interesting. The topic of ball weights came up and someone asked, "Why are ball weights considered CBT [Cock & Ball Torture]?  I don't see that there is any torture involved!" I responded that I don't find it torturous--but intensely pleasurable. 

I went back to a couple of the blogs I follow (research!)  Myjourneyofballstretching wrote:  "I am 25 and one sentence from my boyfriend change some things in my life. One day after we had sex, he said “your balls were hitting my butt and it was the climax.”. With these words i decided i want to have low hanging balls. I look around the internet and found some guides and some forums." 

He decided he wants extremely low-hanging balls; however, hitting your partner's ass can also be accomplished by wearing a ball weight. Many customers have told us that this has greatly added to their sexual pleasure.


gear's Largest:  The 2" (32 Ounce) Ball Weight--as Seen @ IML


Another blogger, Janus Maister, outlined different types of ball stretching devices.  He writes:  "Leather ball stretcher doesn’t offer much of a stretch itself. There primary task is to prevent scrotum to retracting upward during orgasm. That can be one freaking good experience. But leather ball stretcher can still provide you with good tug." My first foray into ball play was a one inch leather ball stretcher. Last weekend I popped it on before having sex--you can easily put it on when you are already hard (whereas putting on my stainless steel split ring was NOT going to happen!) For me, it just adds to the experience.


The 1" Leather Ball Stretcher--Easy to Snap On


I also enjoy wearing my ball weight / ball stretcher all day--I love the tug every time I take a step. Frankly it sends an erotic charge shivering through my body. For every day wear I put on my 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth) weight. It is heavy enough to give me the tug and erotic charge but light enough that I don't have achy balls at the end of the day. At IML (International Mr. Leather) last year I wore a 24 ounce (1 1/2" bandwidth) all day but after 9 hours I was feeling tortured. (Some guys are into the pain--but I'm into the pleasure!)


Different Weights for Different Sacks:  The 1" & 1.5"


One of the things our team loves about IML is that we have the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face--or should I say face-to-dick?!  It is our opportunity to get feedback, help guys find the cock and ball gear that fits and explain how things work.  It is pretty gratifying to hear the stories of how much folks (men and women) love gear essentials' products and what those products do for them.  Many of the men who are interested in ball weights / ball stretchers and are finally getting the chance to try them on want to start with the BIGGEST!  (Yeah, it's a guy thing.  GO BIG OR GO HOME!)  However, we aren't all designed to wear 32 ounces of metal on our balls (a 2" bandwidth).  We have to work up to it.  (It's good to have goals.)  This is one of the reasons we have four weights in two diameters--to make sure these babies don't slide off at an inopportune moment.


Four Weights (8 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz. & 32 oz.) in Two Diameters (1 1/4" & 1 1/2") from gear essentials


Check our measuring guide for more information at http://gearessentials.com/pages/gearessentials-sizing-guide 

I've written before that I used to consider ball weights a 'fetish' thing. Then I tried one on.  I got an instant boner. It was intense. Now it is a regular part of my gear. I love ball weights and hope others will open up their minds to this experience. Life is short--ENJOY it!

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Ball Stretchers: http://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights


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David Jones

David Jones

Used piece of clothesline to hang a wrench on my balls yesterday. Amazing! Still felt so even after weight removed and today too.



Ball Stretchers ARE amazing, aren’t they? I love the feeling of wearing—and I love cumming in it! ENJOY your great new addiction!



found a ballweight here in RSA and started wearing it 2 weeks ago – now addicted. amazing gear.

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