True confession:  I am not into pain--but I am really into pleasure!  That is what we do at gear essentials--bring greater pleasure to men and their partners everywhere.  (We know, this is a huge goal--but we like to dream big!)

One of the pleasures of a cock ring is increased sensitivity to the male penis as well as to the ball sack.  A cock ring keeps the blood from escaping from the erectile tissue resulting in a harder and thicker dick.  In addition, it increases sensitivity.  This also translates into increased sensitivity to your ball sack (a ball weight / ball stretcher enhances this as well).

Medical Grade Plastic Grip--a Flexible Cock Ring with Great Support

& A Riding Crop Caressing Stretched Balls


At the last International Mr. Leather I spent some time with folks who make crops and whips.  Frankly, I had never thought I would be interested in these (and I'm not looking forward to a 'good' whipping!)  However, I was shown how a riding crop can feel pretty good when rubbed and patted against naked flesh.  I can now understand why a riding crop tickling your stretched balls could be something that would get you hard and oozing pre-cum (see above)--and the Grip C ring will keep you hard for the long haul. 


The Grip Penis Ring from gear essentials


Life is short.  Check it out and ENJOY!





(Picture re-posted from Tumblr.)





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