We take great pride in our appearance.  Many of us spend hours each week working out at the gym or doing cardio to maintain fit bodies.  We carefully select the clothes we wear because we understand that people judge us based on our appearance.  Manscaping is a regular routine to make sure that the pathway to sensual delights is carefully (and neatly) outlined. 

We select and craft our look--whether consciously or not--to attract the partner we want.

Cock rings are part of that look.

The Imperial C Ring from gear essentials--Taking Care of Your Love Muscle!


Your cockring shows your dick at its best.  When flaccid you are fuller and thicker because it keeps the blood flow IN your prick.  When you get excited this only becomes more magnified.  While cruising that special someone at the bar or club, your package will look more impressive in your jeans, shorts or cod-piece.  Subconsciously your potential sexual partners are size queens!  They are checking out your 'total package' from head to toe before zeroing in on the tasty package between your legs.

The Imperial is a favorite because it's designed in the shape of a flattened donut so it offers heft while leaving plenty of room for your beefy thighs.  Smooth and comfortable, this is a classic design. It weighs in at 6 ounces so you will enjoy the comfort of this warm mass around the base of your rod and it will add heft to your thrust.  You may find that you walk just a little cockier with it on as well.

What you do after you get their attention is up to you.  However, if it results in your jeans, shorts or cod-piece coming off, you will again thank us!  The sex will be better because you are thicker, harder and more sensitive. 

Adorn your dick--check out the Imperial penis ring and ENJOY the results!



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This blog doesn’t have anything to do with glans rings but we’re happy to help! (We wanted to make sure that Stephen saw our response so we e-mailing it as well.)

Glans rings are not the easiest to measure for. We are more than happy to help (so feel free to send us an e-mail). The easiest is to measure the following dimensions:

1. Measure your shaft (right beneath the head of your penis) when flaccid

2. Measure your shaft (right beneath the head of your penis) when hard

3. Measure your corona (the widest part of the head of your penis) when flaccid

4. Measure your corona (the widest part of the head of your penis) when hard

The goal is for the ring to stay on when you are flaccid (this is accomplished by the head of your dick) and yet not get too tight on your shaft when you are hard.

Stephen, we’re not sure what you mean by giving you the two smallest sizes? (We haven’t had enough caffeine yet today!) Let us know your measurements and we’ll go from there.

If you want to know more about glans rings, go to our blog page on the website and enter glans ring in the search field. This will pull up all of our blogs regarding glans rings. ENJOY!



How do I determine what size of glans ring do I need? Please give the the 2 smallest sizes convert from measuring with string around where the glans ring would be

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