We received a question the other day:  "Concerning your metal cockrings...are they meant to wear all day?  I've read alot of stuff that says cockrings shouldn't be worm for much more than 30 minutes."


A Happy Dick in a Master C Ring from gear essentials


I responded:

I've also read that you should only wear cock rings for about 30 minutes.   Unfortunately I didn't read that until I had been wearing a cock ring daily for a couple of years! 

There have been cases where someone has hurt themselves with a cock ring so the legal department likes us to put that disclaimer on things.  I wear a cock ring 24-hours a day.  When I shower in the morning I put on whichever cock ring strikes my fancy that day and wear it until I get ready to go to sleep.  I often also wear my 8 ounce ball weight as well.  (I know--a lot of metal!)  I am so used to wearing a cock ring that I feel naked without it.  At night I wear a flexible Nitrile ring.

The one key thing to remember is NOT to wear it while sleeping.  Although I have to add that we have a long-time customer who wears his 24/7.  When I asked him what happens when he gets a hard-on in his sleep he replied that he wakes up and jacks off.  (Personally, I value a solid night's sleep too much for that!)

If you fit a metal cock ring properly, you should be able to wear it comfortably all day and yet have enough room to grow so it enhances sex.  If one finger fits between your dick and the cock ring when you are flaccid you should be good to go (unless you are a HUGE grower).  However, once you get hard, there will be no way you can get a cock ring on without hurting yourself.

Some guys get nervous because after they cum they remain rock hard.  Sometimes they panic because they think they should take it off quickly.  The panic just makes things more difficult.  (A cool shower and thinking about my parents having sex are always enough to get a boner to subside!)

There's a cock ring for you--and ENJOY!




(Photo re-posted from Tumblr.)



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