You might be surprised to find how many guys are wearing a ball weight / ball stretcher under their gear.  I used to think that no one wore them except guys who were into fetish or pain.  Not so!

I wore a ball weight for the first time in 2011.  I immediately popped a boner.  I loved the feeling.  Now I'll admit that I have always liked having my balls tugged and twisted during sex and masturbation.  It sends shivers up my spine and my prick starts twitching.  Wearing a ball weight does this for me--and leaves my hands (or someone else's) free to do other things!

Wearing a Ball Weight (& a Nice Prince Albert too)


Most guys try to start with the largest size first.  This is not the best time to go BIG or go home.  You may wish you could go to the next size up; however, I really strongly recommend starting with the 8 ounce (1/2 inch bandwidth) ball weight first.  You will enjoy wearing the size for extended periods (I wear mine all day) because it isn't so heavy that your balls will ache (in a good way that is!)  If you are into a bit of pain, go larger by all means.  But remember that you have to be able to fit your ball sack into the ball weight--so think about the bandwidth of the weight as well as the diameter. 


gear essentials' ball weight / ball stretchers


Many of our customers stack ball weights because they can now wear more than our largest 2" of bandwidth.  If you are looking to stretch your ball sack this is a good thing.  I stretched to a 1 1/2" bandwidth by stacking 1/2" and 1" weights together.  It was easier for me to put the second one on than it was to put one larger single unit (...on my unit!)   

Larger weights give you a more intense tug.  It really depends on if you are a "bigger/better/more" kind of guy. 

There are other benefits to wearing a ball weight / ball stretcher.  When your ball sack is stretched, the skin on your nuts is even more sensitive. That can be fun if you have a partner who likes to play with a feather, candle wax or lightly stroke your balls with a riding crop.  (Or even just flick a tongue over your stretched out nuts.)

In addition, the partners of several of our customers have reported that they love being 'banged' twice:  once in the oriface of their choice and a second time by the ball weight.  Touch is good--and that's what starts the juices flowing!

Give it a shot.  Play with the big boys and get a hunk of quality stainless steel around your nuts.  These are finely finished in the USA of brushed solid stainless steel.  The edges are slightly rounded to avoid pinching.  You will wonder why you waited so long to get your own!  And ENJOY!




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