So just why DID God create nipples on men?  As usual, we have an opinion!

Many of us have discovered that the erectile tissue of the male nipple is extremely sensitive.  And for many, this is like the 'on-button' for the penis. 


Twist & Shout--after Discovering the POWER of the Male Nips!


If you are open-minded and looking to experience other sensual and orgasm-intensifying things, the plier nipple clamps are awesome for awakening the nerve endings in your nips. Alternate the nipple clamps with the nipple suckers--the suckers pump you up and then you latch on to your nips with the clamps. Leave those on for a few minutes and then switch again. It hurts like hell when you first take the clamps off (but it's a delicious, short-lived pain--and I'll admit that I'm NOT into pain). After a few rounds of that merely brushing your now-erect nipples will cause your dick to twitch with anticipation.


Nipple Clamps on a Not-so-willing Victim?


The Plier Style Nipple Clamps


The Clover Style Nipple Clamps


In addition to the plier design nipple clamps, gear essentials also carries the clover style.  These provide more intense pressure.  For over-the-moon orgasms, tug your nipple chain while masturbating or during sex. You will think you have a third hand! Upon removal you will have intense pleasure/pain for several minutes–and may have fond reminders for several hours whenever anything brushes your extra-sensitive nips! 


Want to make your nipples even more sensitive?

Try these 100% skin-safe silicone suckers. They will make your nipples perk up and beg for more! Just place them over your (or your partner’s) nipples during foreplay and watch as they grow firm, engorged and super-sensitive. Arousal is sure to follow as the sensitivity of your nipples skyrockets! Flick them gently (or roughly) for even more sexy sensation.

These nipple suckers have incredible suction and are easy to remove. They will stay in place so you can use your hands for better things! Dab on a bit of lip balm, lube or spit (no, we are not kidding!) for an even more secure seal. Expand your sexual repertoire and get your high beams turned ON!  The results and sensations are amazing when you alternate with nipple clamps.

Caution: casual brushes of fabric, fingers or lips across your nipples will cause waves of pleasure to ripple through your body for several hours after doing this!
A buddy asked me, "Why would I want to use nipple suckers, I don't want those tits that stick out an inch!"  That would take some pretty serious pumping.  What the nipple suckers will do is pump up your nipples in the short term and give you more 'real estate' to plant your nipple clamps.  This all increases the sensitivity and the pleasure.
Life is short--why not find all the pleasure it has to offer--and ENJOY!
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