I was recently asked by a customer (who is straight), what we would recommend to spice up his sex life.  He is happily married—and admits he's a little wilder than his partner. 

I wrote:  “If you aren't afraid of exploring your prostate (many guys won't go near the 'back door') check out the Basix Rubber Works G-spot. It is a small curved dong that is designed to massage your prostate. If you are comfortable, it's great for your wife to 'drive' this toy. It gives you the feeling of being on the edge of orgasm. Check out Dick and Jane's blog on this--he just started exploring it a few months ago.”

I immediately referred him to Dick and Jane’s blog because they are one seriously cool and open straight couple.  They blog about their sexual explorations in a refreshingly open way.


Pipedream's Basix Rubber Works G-spot



In fact, as I was preparing this blog post, I jumped back on Dick and Jane’s blog and re-read Dick’s post from 9 Spetember 2012 entitled “Demystifying the Pleasures of Prostate Play”.  And Dick—I can’t say it any better than you do so I’m going to quote you!  (For those of you who would like to read it in its entirety—and it’s well worth your time—here’s the link:  http://www.dick-n-jane.com/2012/09/demystifying-pleasures-of-prostate-play.html )

A lot of men (straight, gay and in between) feel shame and more than a little protective of their back door.  Maybe if we could see it we would play with it as much as we do with our dicks!  But no—there is this mysterious orifice behind us (lovingly placed between two beautiful mounds of flesh, the intersection of inner thighs, and at the end of perineum raphe starting at the ball sack).  Seriously—this is a highly erogenous neighborhood!  (The raphe is that lovely ridge that looks like a seam between your legs.  It runs from ball sack to anus.  Want to drive your man wild?  Lightly stroke your finger, your tongue or feather along this ridge and watch him squirm!)


A Stunning Example of the Anus & Perineum Raphe


As erogenous as this territory is, you can step up the intensity by going INSIDE!  (No, this is NOT a blog about how good sex starts in your head—er, BRAIN; however, that is true as well).  Inside what some refer to as the ‘love canal’ exists a very magical button.  When that button is pushed amazing sensations pulse and speed through your entire body.  Pre-cum starts to ooze out of your urethra.   

Just where is this magic button and how does it work?


A Diagram of the Magic Button (Prostate) & What's Inside...

 In the picture above you will notice a lovely hand was drawn in to show exactly where to find the magic button—all it needs is a “Press Here” sign!  (I wonder if we could get braille signage on that?)  The reality is that we were amazingly designed in such a way that our hands END where our major erogenous zones start—penis, vagina, rectum.  Was that great design or what?!  (Not to discount the other erogenous zones—they are as numerous as the number of people reading this blog!  But we are sticking with the big ones today.)  Therefore, you can reach a finger in and massage the Male G-spot yourself.

This is easy to do.  For your first time, try it in the shower.  This works well because it’s relatively private, your body gets warm and relaxed and you have plenty of soap with which to lubricate yourself.  (Also, if you are a clean freak like me, you will know your rectum is clean because you are soaping it up!  Yeah, we know what comes out of there...)  Bend slightly at the knees and reach either around your back or down and between your legs.  Use one hand to brace yourself against the shower wall as you lean forward.  With the other, reach in.  I find that my longest finger (interestingly enough, the ‘fuck you!’ finger) works best.  If you are reaching between your legs, this works well because your prostate is up and beneath your dick.  You can easily reach this if you curl your finger back towards your wrist after you insert it into your rectum.

When you find that knob, wiggle your finger back and forth slightly.  What feels good to you?  Make sure you attempt to relax your rectum as much as possible or you will be fighting yourself.  An effective method to do this (beyond enjoying the hot shower) is to push out on your rectum as though you were about to have a bowel movement.  When you find the spots on your prostate that feel good, continue to massage them gently.

Reaching Your Longest Finger into Your Rectum, You will Feel A Knob


But what exactly does the Prostate do?  Dick says it best (quoted from his blog mentioned above):  "The prostate gland is both a manufacturer and warehouse built into one; it is responsible for making the fluid portion of men's ejaculate, and it works 24/7 to keep a spongy storage reservoir filled and ready for action. It is a self-filling bag of liquid potential.  Encircling the prostate is a fibrous sheath of smooth muscle, you may already see where this is leading. As he huffs and pants working himself very close to climax, this smooth muscle sheath contracts around the sponge-like prostate giving it a squeeze that expels contents of the gland into the urethra where it helps mobilize an army. The rest of the orgasm needs no explanation... though it might need some Kleenex."

When you press this magical button, the prostate sends a message to the brain to let you know that you are on the edge of an orgasm.  While this in itself may not cause pleasure, this sensation is hooked into the whole experience and body ritual of cumming—you feel like you are on the edge or orgasm—so your body interprets it as pleasure and we learn to love this feeling.  Therefore when you press the prostate it feels like you are having an orgasm for as long you continue to rub it.

You can use your finger, the G-spot tool mentioned above, a butt plug, dildo, vibrator or a handy dick—what you use is up to you.  Dick closes his blog by saying: 

If you have a partner in your life who is curious, trusting, and willing to playfully explore then you both could have a lot of fun. For you single guys... pick up a toy made for the job, even those of us married with willing partners have great success on our own sometimes.”

Life is short!  Reach out and grab whatever brings you greater pleasure and ENJOY!


Other tools from gear essentials that will help you massage your prostate:

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Titan Training Tool


Titan Master Tool


Slim 7" Dildo with Suction Cup

(It allows you to be hands-free so you can concentrate on other things)


7.5" Dong with Suction Cup




(Some pictures were re-posted from Tumblr.)







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