We think singlets are hot.  A hunky guy wrestling, working out or running in a singlet is a sight to behold!  Need a visual reminder or two (here are seven!) 

Check this college stud out:


There are NO Secrets in a Singlet!


Or how about this guy?


Track & Field--Who Knew it was Such a Great Spectator Sport? 

(And we think he is at least a '9'!)


Yellow is a great color isn't it--of course it doesn't leave much to the imagination...


Singlets are Great for Pumping Iron!


And MORE singlets!




Wear it out and about...(but warning--you will make lots of friends!)






And of course it feels (and looks) great when you peel it off after your workout...




Spencer Reed rocks this Singlet Jock from Timoteo.



The CellBlock 13 Singlet Jock from Timoteo


Singlets are a hot look.  They are great for working out, a spur-of-the-moment wrestling match or going out.

We love singlets so much that we added them to our collection.  This is our newest addition to the CellBlock 13 Line from Timoteo. From the front this looks like your basic wrestling singlet. But turn around and your best asset is revealed! The bottom straps lift and support for a perky look. In slimming black with white piping and side racing stripes. 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex for supreme comfort and muscle-hugging fit!  We are carrying black (assless jock style as well as full rear coverage--for you shy types) and yellow.

Pick one up today--and ENJOY!




(Photos re-posted from Tumblr.)



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Unfortunately, times seem to have changed. I can’t find the old Strong Man or Weight Lifter style low cut suits with no inseams. The bottom is cut like a brief instead of the boxer legs shown in these photos.

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