A lot of you tell us you want bigger balls (or at least longer!)  We can help you stretch out your ball sack.  Just slap on a ball weight from gear essentials!


 Ball Stretchers / Ball Weights Stretch Your Ball Sack


The guy pictured above is sporting an 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth) ball weight.  This is the perfect size for a first-time ball weight / ball stretcher wearer.  Now obviously, this guy could easily wear a 2" (32 ounce) or even two of them--but he has chosen to wear just the eight ounce.  This is great for comfortable all day wear.  A recent customer ordered four of these--they are GREAT for stacking (wearing more than one at a time).

So if having low-hangers is your goal, try a ball weight and ENJOY!
(Picture re-blogged from Tumblr.) 



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