Pump—Taking it to the Edge!

Or Everything You Wanted to Know about Pumping…

A customer e-mailed gear essentials asking what fun things he should try.  I suggested penis pumping while masturbating.  It is fun to do while sitting in a hot bath or hot tub. Slide your dick into the cylinder and start pumping the air out. Your dick will start growing to fill the space. Keep it pumped for a few minutes and then release the valve so the pump comes off easily. You will stay a bit larger than usual and will find that you have filled the tube with precum and your dick is slippery and super-sensitive. This is really great when you are wearing a cock ring because it keeps the blood restricted into your cock.  Start jacking off—the pleasure will be intense. 

This is a great time to ‘edge’—take yourself right to the edge of orgasm and then stop.  You may need to pinch your dick firmly beneath the head to keep from cumming.  Insert your cock into the cylinder again and start pumping again.  Repeat this cycle as many times as you can and when you finally do allow yourself to have an orgasm—it will be incredibly intense!

Feel the PUMP!


Some FAQs regarding pumping:


Just what is it?

It is the process of exerting vacuum pressure on your dick.  You slide it into a penis pump and remove all the air.  This causes your prick to be stretched to the walls of the cylinder.  The corposa cernosa (the spongy tissue in your penis that fills with blood resulting in an erection) expands and makes your dick bigger.  It also stretches your suspensory ligament which enhances its elasticity.  This is what increases length.


How big can my dick get?

We have read that you can expect one to two inches of growth in length and one to three inches in girth.  We have a lot of customers who are ‘pumpers’ and we watch as they reorder cock rings in increasingly larger sizes.  Of course, all of this is predicated on how often you pump, if you have a large enough cylinder size and how your body is built. 


Will my size gains be permanent?

Initially you will see growth that recedes.  Repeated pumping; however, will show more permanent results.  It’s like working out any muscle.  If you have a regular routine, muscle growth is maintained and enhanced.  For best results consider a 30-minute pumping routine broken into two 15 minute sessions.


I’m not young anymore, are there any issues with pumping?

As we age we lose elasticity.  This happens to our dick as well.  This reduces the size of your hard cock.  Pumping helps maintain your elasticity because it is stretching the tissue.  As we age we can also suffer from impotence.  The USFDA has approved pumping as a preferred treatment for impotence.  Therefore pumping can be very positive for aging men—and their partners!


Are there any conditions that would prevent me from penis pumping?

If you have had enlargement surgery, check with your doctor first.   S/he will give you safe pumping guidelines.  If you have a blood clotting disorder do not do this.


Check it out!  gear essentials carries two penis pumps and a head pump (which also works well for nipple pumping.) 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




Try the experience, enhance your pleasure and ENJOY!





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