Dick and Jane, the famous sex blog duo, recently released their Personal Recommendations.  We are proud to announce that gear essentials made the list! 

They write, “There is so much crap on the market!  We think we have sorted through enough lousy products to get both an appreciation for, and ability to identify, the good stuff.  We have a preference for products that enhance the sex we already have as opposed to items intended for solo play.”


Beefed up in a Total Plunge Cock Ring from gear essentials


Check it out @  http://www.dick-n-jane.com/2013/01/personal-recommendations-edition-1.html

You will find something to suit your style at gear essentials.  We carry solid stainless steel, light-weight aluminum, Nitrile, Medical-grade plastic and leather.  Enhance your pleasure and ENJOY!


(Photo re-posted from Dick-n-Jane.)



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