When you wear a cockring, you end up with more than a handful!  The first thing you may notice about a cock ring is that it is a beautifully crafted piece of art.  We often refer to it as intimate jewelry for men.  On second glance you will see that it lifts your balls and perks up your prick.  The ring encircles your dick behind your balls.  It restricts blood from leaving your penis.  This keeps your dick thicker, fuller, harder and more sensitive.  That means greater enjoyment for both you and your sexual partner.


The Imperial C Ring from gear essentials Keeps His Dick Hard and Thick


The Imperial is one of gear essentials best-selling cock rings.  Elegant and dramatic, the American-made stainless steel cock rings in the Imperial Series offer a grander, more majestic choice. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this ring offers heft (weighing in at 6.05 ounces, 171.51 grams) while leaving plenty of room for beefy thighs! Smooth and comfortable, this is a classic design. Aptly named, the Imperial Series truly is fit for a king.  Crown yourself and ENJOY!

(Photo re-posted from Tumblr.)



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