The guy pictured below has a lot of accessories (and some of ours!)  There are a lot of erogenous zones on his prick, ball sack and taint--and he seems to be tickling all of them!


Ball StretchersImperial C Ring, Glans Ring & PA


Ball Weights -- These babies look like pure unfettered fetish.  After all, who would hang hunks of metal on their balls?  I'll admit it; this is what I thought when I first spied them.  Then I tried one on.  Damn.  I was sold.  I popped a boner and have loved it ever since.  I wear an 8 ounce for all-day wear.  I love the feeling of the tug on my balls as they swing and sway as I walk.  Sex with them on is amazing!  I have always loved a bit of tug and twist on my balls during sex plus it keeps my balls from ascending when I'm about to come. 

Like the guy pictured above, I wear my ball weights with a cockring.  The cock ring already pulls my balls up--the ball stretcher surrounds them and gives them a little tug with each movement. 

When fucking, the ball weight bounces off your partner's taint with each thrust and adds to their pleasure as well.

The man pictured above is wearing stacked weights.  Ball weight stacking is a great way to add weight.  I moved up to a 24 ounce ball weight by adding an 8 ounce to my 16 ounce weight.  It was easier to put on a second one than to fit all my junque into the single larger one.  And when you get to the largest size, you can keep adding weight by stacking.

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Cock Ring -- We talk a lot about cock rings--so what more is there to say?  You know we have built our business on creating unique, quality penis rings.  We love wearing them, we love the look and we love what they do!  When wearing one your blood flow is restricted in your penis.  This means that your cock grows--thicker, harder, fuller and more sensitive!  It feels great and works even better!

We have designed ours to feel as great as they look--that means that we have included interior comfort rims to avoid painful pinching or fatigue.  In addition, they are made of quality materials that will not chip, peel, flake or corrode--meaning we have considered your dick's health as well as appearance.  Don't settle for cheap chrome-plated rings when you can enjoy the best.

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Glans Ring -- Also known as a 'head ring', this ring rests right below the head of your rod.  It adds weight to the head of your dick so it feels good when you are wearing it around flaccid.  When erect and fucking, it masks the nerve-endings around your corona so you can last longer.  And it looks cool.  Check out any meeting of naturists and you're bound to see quite a few!

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gear essentials gives you great options for enhancing your family jewels and increasing your sexual pleasure.  Buy any combination and we promise--you will ENJOY!

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